Founded in 2020, LOV & LAV is a Swiss jewellery brand focuses on out-of-the box and extraordinary designs. Our mission is to make designer jewellery accessible for everyone. 

Unable to find designer jewellery with quality that is affordable, designer Priska Bruegger leveraged her learnings as a fashion designer to rethink how women can benefit from incorporating jewellery to their everyday style within the budget of a young adult. 

We take pride in having a team that focuses on understanding modern women's lifestyles as the core concept of every jewellery we craft.


We carefully choose our materials to make sure that they are safe to use and last long. Our long term mission is to equip women in Indonesia, who have no access to education and training, with skill set in jewellery manufacturing industry. We only work with manufacturers in Asia whom we deeply trust, which means that we require manufacturers to: 

- give proper education to their workers in jewellery making
- provide safe-to-use tools for their workers to manufacture jewellery
- have a clean, comfortable and healthy work environment
- pay their workers fairly

Our Founder

Priska Bruegger is an Indonesian born Swiss fashion designer with two established international brands that sell worldwide.

She is known for her timeless and unique signature style. She is very detail oriented when it comes to design and highly passionate in crafting clothes and jewelleries that make women look absolutely amazing.

“I founded LOV & LAV because I observe designer jewellery industry that is built for luxury price point. To me, every woman deserves to have an access to own uniquely designed jewellery that makes them feel special"

- Priska Bruegger, Founder and Creative Director of LOV & LAV