About Us

A unique blend of vintage and modern design

Immerse yourself in a world where vintage elegance meets modern minimalism. LOV & LAV is a jewelry brand that draws inspiration from the past to create distinctive pieces with a touch of contemporary flair. We bring classic pieces together and combine nostalgic elements in new ways to make them wearable today. Our unique take on traditional silhouettes blends modern minimalism with a touch of maximalism. The result is contemporary, handcrafted jewelry that is aesthetically unique and timeless and suits every occasion.

By reviving iconic fashion relics from the past while introducing seductively contemporary elements, we strive to create accessories that spark conversation, buzz and influence tasteful looks. Every season we reinvent classic trends just for you - bringing your entire look to life with a touch of old school.



When selecting our materials for jewelry production, we attach great importance to safety and durability. Our long-term goal is to provide Indonesian women with the opportunity to learn about the technological advances in the industry and increase their knowledge. That's why we prioritize working with reliable Asian suppliers and making sure they comply with our regulations, including:

- Manufacturers must adequately train their workers in jewelry making.
- They should provide their employees with safe tools for making jewelry.
- A clean, comfortable and healthy work environment should be provided.
- Workers should be paid fairly.

The Founders

In 2020, designer Priska Brügger, together with her former business partner, founded LOV & LAV, a contemporary jewelery brand offering a wide range of designs. The following year, Priska took full control of the brand and conceived it as a lifestyle-oriented jewelry brand with jewelry for every need - both in and out of the workplace. Since then, the brand has experienced significant growth, securing European online retail partnerships with Zalando, About You, Otto and Van Graaf.

In 2023, Priska and her husband Luca went one step further, combining vintage designs with modern minimalism. Visiting Parisian vintage shops, Priska discovered that classic pieces can be reinterpreted and tailored to the needs of today. This has allowed her to design unique pieces that combine minimalism and maximalism. Lov & Lav's vision is to bring more love and laughter into the lives of their customers by wearing a piece of history and making their everyday life that little bit special.